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Does your workload fluctuate?
Are you interested in an effective way to control staff cost from project demands?

FORSE offers cost-effective design services to structural engineering firms. This allows you to take on work beyond your staffs’ capabilities, increases your revenue, and reduces the need to increase your fixed costs.

FORSE collaborates with structural engineers to find creative solutions for their projects. By drawing on software expertise for designing structures, we complete projects on time and under budget. FORSE will work with clients to anticipate issues, solve problems, and help ensure the design intent is achieved.

Our contract design services help your firm when you need a software design expert for:

• A specific project or on a long-term basis as integral part of the deign team
• Modeling Services for creating a software model when your firm already has the loads and design criteria determined
• Model Review Services for when your firm needs an expert to ensure quality and accuracy of your design model
• Custom Design Tools for when your firm needs to modify a software design program to meet your needs, or create a spreadsheet for common designs your company encounters.