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Our goal is to expand your knowledge of structural engineering design tools, and solve challenges that are unique to your organization. These consulting services define best practices in the use of structural design software.

Do you get the most out of your software?
Most firms utilize less than 25% of software features.

FORSE provides consulting services that maximize the ROI on your software purchases. This will increase the utilization of the technology you already own and the level of service you provide. This technology expertise has saved weeks on our client’s projects, which maximizing your profitability.

FORSE also assists clients with structural software workflows, which improves design quality, efficiency and ultimately increases profitability. We will review the software owned by your firm to determine options for customization, define processes and procedures, and improve data migration from one program to another.

If you have projects involving multiple materials and design systems, and several design tools (spreadsheets, design software), contact FORSE to learn how to improve your design workflow.