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Structural Software Product Training

iStock_000004904643XSmall• Visual Analysis
• ETABS 2013
• RISA Floor
• TEKLA Structural Designer
• RAM Structural System V8i, RAM Steel
• RAM Structural System V8i, RAM Concrete
• RAM Structural System V8i, RAM Frame
• RAM Structural System V8i, RAM Foundation
• RAM Structural System V8i integration with REVIT Structure
• RAM Elements V8i (RAM Advanse)
• RAM Connection V8i
• RAM Concept V8i
• SCIA Engineerconc-slab
• SCIA Design Forms

Integration trainings, for migrating information from one program to another when multiple programs are needed to complete the design
for a project

Custom trainings, based on any of the programs listed above, were developed to fit a client’s unique needs


• Developed and taught the software-training programs of RAM Structural System, RAM Concept, Visual Analysis and Microsoft Excel software to staff engineers, project managers and senior leaders. This resulted in office-wide use of state-of-the-art programs which increased the firm’s ability to compete in the marketplacebelvedere

• Managed and coordinated design group’s training programs which provide necessary technical learning for structural engineering staff